In-Town Intramural Grades 4-5-6 Overview

Please hurry and register prior to August 9th when our $25 late fee goes into effect.  Our $100 late fee will be going into effect August 15th.  Please register before both deadlines!  For information about our program, please see below or pls review your age group specific page.

Enjoy the season!

The 4th/5th/6th grade program is focussed on further developing the skill foundation players received in previous seasons and mimics the practice and game situations that are used in NYS' U10 travel program; skills curriculum, field size and number of players on the field.  

Every team will practice at least 1x per week.  Practice will be led by your team's volunteer coach(es).

Games will be played on Saturdays with start times in ranging from early morning to early afternoon. 

Grade 4-5-6 Specific Rules

Newton Youth Soccer uses standard FIFA rules with the differences described below. 

Field of Play - 60 yds x 40 yds

Ball Size - 4

Number of Players on Field - 6 v 6

Out of Bounds (restarts)

Sidelines: When a ball goes out of bounds on the sideline (touchline) the game will be restarted by a throw-in.

End-lines:  When a ball goes out over the end-line, the game will be restarted by either a goal kick (if the ball was kicked out by the attacked team) or a corner kick (if the ball was kicked out by the defending team).  

Special Rules regarding goal kicks / goalie punts and goalie throws

Goal kicks, goalie punts (to include drop kicks) and goalie throws can not travel over the midfield line in the air.  The ball must bounce first or be touched in the air by a defending player to be in play.  Balls that travel over the midfield line in the air will result in a dead ball, indirect kick for the defending team at the spot the ball landed.


Substitutions can be made on any out of bounds situation or when a child needs to come out of the game due to an injury.  Please signal the ref when are want to substitute and wait for the ref to acknowledge the request prior to making your change.  Please note: The rule of thumb for all coaches will be to give all players equal playing time each week.


Shinguards are required and should be worn under the players socks.  Cleats are not required but as suggested.



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