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BAYS Referees

Ref Assigner: John McKenna

Travel Coaches and Referees:
If you cannot make a game, please notify the BAYS ref assigner (John McKenna) as soon as possible.

Please remember, the rule is that a referee “owns” his or her assigned game. If that game is to be rescheduled for any reason other than bad weather, the coach should notify the referee assigner as soon as possible. (This is not necessary for bad weather because the referees will know about the postponement from the fields hotline at 617-564-0630.) After a new date and field are assigned by the field coordinator, the coach should contact the referee assigner (John McKenna) ASAP.

Note: Assistant Referees (a.k.a. linesmen) do not “own” their games. I will attempt to find ARs for the rescheduled game when I am notified of the time and place. However, the coach should notify the ARs if a game is being rescheduled.

No referees are assigned for Memorial Day or Columbus Day weekends. We will assign a referee only if coaches confirm that their team is playing that weekend.

Coaches: Please remember that if there is any change to your game – date, time, field – it is your responsibility to contact the BAYS ref assigner (John McKenna) as soon as possible. If a referee shows up and there is no team present because the game time/place has been changed and the referee not notified, the coach will be asked to pay the referee personally for that game.

 In the spring season, BAYS pays all center referees, and all assistant referees for U-16 and higher games directly. Assistant referees for U-11 – U-14 games will be paid by NYS. Payment by BAYS and NYS is based on completed game reports filed on the BAYS system by all center and assistant referees. Referees will be paid by BAYS and NYS 3 times per season.

Schedule: all games and referees are scheduled via the BAYS website. BAYS Ref Assigner John McKenna


Rules for all BAYS games can be found within the BAYS Rule Book.  


Payment: In the fall, all BAYS referees are paid by NYS. Payment is made based on game reports completed by all center referees and assistant referees on the BAYS referee assigning system. Checks will be cut 3 times per season.

Payment Schedule

6 v 6

8 v 8

11 v 11

Center Referee




Assistant Referee




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