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Concussion Awareness

The issues related to concussions and their impact have risen over the past few years as research has shown how serious an issue this can be.  This year all BAYS coaches must take on-line concussion awareness training provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).   We have not mandated this for IM coaches, but have made them aware and will be implementing this as a mandate for future seasons.

The on-line course is available (free of charge) for anyone interested in learning more about concussions.   We suggest that parents take this opportunity to educate themselves on the symptoms of concussions and the appropriate way to monitor them.  You will be surprised as to how many signs there are that most take for granted or simply miss.  The course takes 30-45 minutes to complete.

If a player exhibits symptoms of a concussion (see attached fact sheet) NYS protocol requires the parents to provide written proof that the player has been evaluated by their physician and that the player has been fully cleared to rejoin the team - for practices and games.  It is for the players own welfare that this policy is in place to be sure that he/she is fully recovered and is not showing any signs of a concussion - even a minor one.  Minor concussions are still extremely serious and if a player returns too soon, then further health problems can develop.   

This fact sheet provides you with some basic information about concussions.  Please take the time to print this out, read it, and review it with your children as well.  

Submitting Proof You Have Passed Training

For BAYS Travel Coaches, you must have proof you have taken and passed the concussion training program before you can coach.  Once you have taken and passes the test, send the NYS Registrar proof and you will be provided a coaches sticker for the season.  

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