In-Town Intramural Grade 1 Overview

Please hurry and register prior to August 9th when our $25 late fee goes into effect.  Our $100 late fee will be going into effect August 15th.  Please register before both deadlines!  For information about our program, please see below or pls review your age group specific page. 1st Grade Training Sessions

We run an "Academy" style program in first grade which meets every Saturday at a specified time.  Training sessions are 75 minuntes long.  Players are assigned a time slot which will remain unchanged each week.  Each training session will be run by a professional coach and will be a split between skill training and game (typically 4v4).  The children will progress through a curriculum specifically tailored to their age group.  The focus of our first grade program is to establish a solid foundation of ball skills for all players which will serve as their building blocks for years to come.

Equipment:  All players are required to wear shin-pads (shin-pads should be worn under a player's soccer socks).  Cleats are recommended by not required.  Water is essential!

Volunteer Coaches:  Volunteer Coaches are the lifeblood of our organization.  Both you and the children will benefit immensely from your involvement.  Experience is not required.  Your role will be to act in a hands on way to assist the Pro Coaches in executing the training.  During 4v4 play, our coaches will run subs for one of the groups and keep the game flowing.  Our focus is to help you get invovled, learn the game, enjoy the rewards of your hands on participation and continue to build with NYS as your child hopefully becomes more and more involved in soccer.

Grade 1 Specific Rules



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