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In-Town Intramural Grade 2 Overview

**** SPRING 2016 UPDATE****

The Spring 2016 outdoor season begins Saturday April 9th and will end June 11th.  There will be no games Memorial Day Weekend.

2nd Grade IM will be held at Cold Springs Park and sessions will start at 8:30 AM and run until roughly 1PM

Late registration fees begin March 1st, so be sure to register before then.  If you miss that date, then be SURE to register prior to our $100 late fee which takes effect March 15th. 

2nd Grade Saturday Sessions

The 2nd grade program is focused on building the skill foundation players developed in the 1st grade program and providing new players with key skills needed for a player's long term development.  Every Saturday session runs for 75 minutes and is broken into two parts:  Skill training and small sided games.  

The first half of each session will be devoted to skill training with a very heavy focus on foot-skills (dribbling) and the introduction of proper passing and receiving techniques.  The skills sessions will be conducted by professional coaches contracted by NYS and be roughly 25 minutes in duration.  The skills training will follow a defined curriculum that builds on itself each week.  

Following a brief transition, the second portion of each session will be devoted to a 4v4 game.  Games will be refereed by an NYS assigned referee.  Games will typically feature two (20) minute halves and a short half time.  The small sided games are designed to promote involvement, maximize touches on the ball and application of the skills learned in the previous skills session.

The intramural program is an in-town program (no travel to other towns) for boys and girls who want to play with boys from grades one through six.  Teams are organized by grade and children who are Newton residents or who attend Newton schools are eligible to play.  There are two seasons, Fall which runs from the beginning of September to the beginning of November and Spring which runs from the beginning of April to Mid June.  Registration typically opens up in June for the Fall Season and November for the Spring Season.

Grade 2 Specific Rules

Newton Youth Soccer uses standard FIFA rules with the differences described below. 

Number of Players on Field - 4 v 4  (no goalies)

Ball Size - 3
Field Play
2nd grade plays 4 v 4 on a small field to help provide players as many  "touches"  on the ball as possible and for them to develop footskills in an appropriate sized field dimension as endorsed by US Soccer.  The are NO goalies at this age and score / standings are not kept.  

Out of Bounds (restarts)

Sidelines: When a ball goes out of bounds on the sideline (touchline) the game will be restarted by a throw-in.

End-lines:  When a ball goes out over the end-line, the game will be restarted by either a goal kick (if the ball was kicked out by the attacked team) or a corner kick (if the ball was kicked out by the defending team).  

On a goal kick, the defending team will need to move back to the midfield line prior to the goal kick.  The reason being is that we want the attacking team to be able to put the ball back in play and attempt to move the ball forward.  Once the ball is put in play, the defending team can come into the attacking teams side of the field.


Substitutions can be made on any out of bounds situation or when a child needs to come out of the game due to an injury.  Please signal the ref when are want to substitute and wait for the ref to acknowledge the request prior to making your change.  Please note: The rule of thumb for all coaches will be to give all players equal playing time each week.


Shinguards are required and should be worn under the players socks.  Cleats are suggest but not required.  Please be sure your player has enough water.
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