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If you do not see your program listed below it may still be available but is not listed because it has a Wait List.  This is the case for all BAYS programs U9, U10, U11, U12, and U14.  You can access the Wait List one of two ways:

1) Click on any program below and once you log in or create an account, all programs (even those with wait lists) are shown.
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Fall 2014 Registration

2014-2015 BAYS Travel Program

Newton Youth Soccer ("NYS") participates in BAYS, the Boston Area Youth Soccer League. BAYS is one of several regional leagues across Massachusetts that provide "travel" soccer, allowing teams from different towns to play one another. Each season, Newton fields about 40-50 teams from age U9 (under nine) through age U19 (under nineteen).  BAYS teams are organized by age groups depending on a player's date of birth.

BAYS games are played on Saturdays for U9 - U14 age groups, Sundays for high school, U16, and U18 age groups.   Half of the games are played in Newton and the other half are played in nearby towns. The longest travel for an away game will be 45 minutes, but most away games will only be 15 to 30 minutes away. In addition to the weekly games, teams generally practice two times per week at a field in Newton.

Reminder that this is boys soccer.  We do welcome girls that want to play primarily with boys.  If you prefer you can go to Newton Girls Soccer to register for the girls program.

Note - this payment covers the fall and spring seasons.  


BAYS - High School (7v7)

Registration Dates: 04/27/2014 to 09/20/2014
Start and End Dates: 09/07/2014 to 11/09/2014

In-Town IM - Add'l Skills Sessions - Fall 2014

For our In-Town Intramural players, NYS also offers the option of additional training for the Fall 2014 season.  These sessions are designed for the child who wants to learn and play more soccer.  They will be age appropriate and taught by professional coaches.  This a great way for your child to get extra skill training (local and cost-effective) in addition to their weekly sessions with their respective team.  

These sessions will be one day per week.  Example days and times are below:
- 1st Grade: Wednesday 4 - 5:15
- 2nd Grade: Thursday 4 - 5:15
- 3rd Grade & Grades 4/5/6:  Friday 4 - 5:15

Location is not yet identified.  

Fall 2014

Registration Dates: 04/27/2014 to 09/30/2014
Start and End Dates: 09/16/2014 to 11/15/2014

Registration Help-Desk

Our registration provider (Blue Sombrero) has a user registration support line - (866) 258-3303.  Their hours of operation are Monday - Friday 9am-5pm.    

Parent Announcements

NYS Intramural (IM) Referee Orientation Program - Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Instructor: Steven Aronson

Eligibility: Grades 6 and above. Referees who have previously completed orientation do not need to attend.

Time: Thursday, September 4, 2014; 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Place: Brown Middle School- on the grass at the edge of the soccer field next to the school building/driveway. In case of rain, we will meet at the Oak Hill Middle School front door and have the class outside under the overhang.

What to bring: A pen or pencil

Questions Regarding IM Referee Orientation Program: SujitNYS@gmail.com