Registration Overview

To register, simply click on the Registration Tab and select the In Town Intramural Registration link or log into your account and go to you’re “My Account” area (accessible through the top right “My Account” button).  The programs your soccer star qualifies for should automatically be available.

If you are new to Newton Youth Soccer, then simply create an account, add a player and under your account area, the programs you can register for should auto populate.

Key Dates for Fall 2015 Season

- Now- Registration open 
Registration deadline for BAYS is one week before the tryout for the player's Age Group. After the deadline Wait List registration is available.
After the Tryout date - 
Late fee of $25 applied
-July 1, 2015 and after - NO REFUNDS FOR BAYS TRAVEL PROGRAM

Participation Fees for IM and Travel

- Registration fee Travel - $270 (fall 2014 and spring 2015)
- Registration fee Travel U16-U19 - $135 (spring 2016)

- Registration fee IM and High School Travel - $135 (fall 2015)

- Scholarships - Available based on financial need only. Please contact Tal at scholarships


  • Tryouts are required for Travel program - see travel program tryout page for more information
  • No tryouts required for IM program
If age group is CLOSED or if you have any questions, please contact your age group coordinator

Note: This is Boys Soccer

Just want to let everyone know that this is boys soccer.  We do welcome girls that want to play primarily with boys.  If you prefer you can go to Newton Girls Soccer to register for the girls program.

Registration Help-Desk

Our registration provider (Blue Sombrero) has a user registration support line - (866) 258-3303.  Their hours of operation are Monday - Friday 9am-5pm.    

Age Groups for BAYS Travel - 2014

For BAYS Travel the players are separated into strict age groups - these are defined as U9, U10, U11, etc. - where the "U" stands for "under" as in a U9 player was under the age of 9 at a certain date.  U14 includes U13 and U14.  These date ranges are defined by BAYS below:

For U-19, U-18, U-16, U-14 (Div 1 & 2), U-12 (Div 1 or 2), U11 (Div. 1 or 2), U-10 (Div 1 or 2) and U-9 (Div 1 or 2)  all players must be under the specified age on July 31st preceding the start of the season.

For “Grade 8 or U-14 (Div 3 or 4)”,   “Grade 6 or U-12 (Div 3 or 4)”, “Grade 5 or U-11 (Div 3 or 4)”,  “Grade 4 or U-10 (Div 3 or 4)” & “Grade 3 or U-9 (Div 3 or 4)” all players on a roster shall be under the specified age on July 31st preceding the start of the season or if in the grade specified and not more than one year older.  For example a U-11 eligible age player in the fourth grade may play in “Grade 4 or U-10 (Div 3 or 4)” while a U-12 eligible aged player in the fourth grade may not.

In compliance with US Youth Soccer and Massachusetts Youth Soccer requirements no exceptions will be approved to permit players older than the specified age to play in any age group except that:

  1. An age exception may be granted under bylaw 3 (ADA waivers);
  2. For the fall season only, the Competition Committee may grant an age waiver (at the request of a town only) to a U-15 age Grade 8 player to play on a U-14 Division 1 or 2 team.
  3. A player having a waiver under section 5A  that is on a team that transfers, during the season, into a division that does not allow age waivers, may remain on the roster and continue with the team for the remainder of the playing season. See section 6D for more details.
  4. U8 and younger players are not permitted on BAYS teams unless in the third grade.  They may play in U9 (or U10 if the club does not offer U9) only.
There are situations where a child's birthdate falls outside the ranges for the age group associated with their school grade.  In these cases there are exceptions allowed for the player to play with his/her school grade as an exception as long as they do not play in division 1 or 2.  When registering your child there is an option to identify your child who fits this criteria and we will move them to the appropriate group.