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Contacting Newton Youth Soccer

Before contacting us, please see if you can find the information you are seeking here on this website. If you are unable to find the information, use the following guidelines for contacting NYS staff and volunteers. 

  • If your question is related to your child’s team, games, coach or practice times please look up the age group coordinator below and send them an e-mail.
  • If your question has to do with registration, or waivers, contact Ed Jenkinson our registrar.
  • If your question is about finances, please contact our treasurer

Please be respectful of the time of people you contact.  All our staff are volunteers with other daily responsibilities.  


Role Name Contact Info
President Clifford Slater e-mail
VP -Travel Coordinator Costas Pavlides e-mail
VP - Intramural Coordinator Clifford Slater e-mail
9-12 TravelSid Chaudhrye-mail
EquipmentEd Johnstone-mail
Treasurer Laura Woodward e-mail
Special Projects / FieldsStephen Bradleye-mail
BAYS LiaisonDave Belforte-mail
Secretary Rand Stone e-mail
CommunityAmy Konarye-mail
Safety OfficerRand Stonee-mail

RegistrarEd Jenkinsone-mail
Director of CoachingEd Jenkinsone-mail
Assistant Director of CoachingMael Evanse-mail
Fields SchedulerEd Jenkinsone-mail
Scholarships/OutreachJyoti Peterse-mail


TRAVEL: Age Group Coordinator Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

VP - TravelCostas Pavlides
3rd Grade Travel CoordinatorMatt Cusick
4thGrade Travel CoordinatorKarl Berntorp
5th Grade TravelCoordinatorAmy Konary
6th Grade TravelCoordinatorCostas Pavlides
7th Grade TravelCoordinatorEd Jenkinson
8th Grade TravelCoordinator Chal Congdon
10th & 12 GradeTravel CoordinatorSid Chaudhry
BAYS RefereesIoannis Kyratzoglou

Intramural (In Town) Age Group Coordinators & Volunteers - FALL 2023

Role Name Contact Info
VP - Intramural Clifford Slater e-mail
IM Grade 1 Coordinator Ali Thurber
 IM Grade 2 CoordinatorPaul Levye-mail
 IM Grade 3 CoordinatorJules Myunge-mail
IM Grade 4 Coordinator Stephanie Jonese-mail
IM Grade 5-6 Coordinator Betty Grabauskas  e-mail 
IM Referees Training Ioannis Kyratzoglou e-mail
IM Referees Coordinator Sana Fadel e-mail


"I've watch my kids go through this program for seven years and the lessons they've learned in sportsmanship and teamwork will help them the rest of their lives."
-- Paul Goayutar
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