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BAYS Referees

BAYS Referees Explained

Newton Youth Soccer participates in the BAYS Travel ( ) league.  Referees, of the appropriate age and skill, are registered, trained, mentored, and assigned to referee BAYS League NYS teams right here in Newton.  Newton is always looking for Youth and Adult USSF Certified Referees.

To be eligible to referee BAYS League home games for Newton teams you need to become USSF Grade 8 Certified.   Certification classes are held in the winter and summer.  There is no relationship between a student’s grade in school and their USSF referee grade.  For more information on the certification process you go to  Each year the referee has the responsibility to renew his qualifications through the MSRC Grade re-certification program.  For youth referees, all course fees are reimbursable by NYS (just contact the NYS Referee Assignor) one time only once you have refereed games in Newton.

NYS Referee Program and its Mission

NYS Referee Program is sponsored and run by the NYS organization. Its mission is to provide referees to the games, build youth referee’s confidence and provide them with skills to referee more competitive games.  Senior referee staff will recruit, train, equip, assign, and mentor youth referees. Skilled and experience youth referees can be promoted and expected to move on to referee more competitive BAYS games.  For more information, please contact the NYS Referee Committee at [email protected]

BAYS Rules of the Game and Referee Assignment

Each new, certified, and NYS-approved referee needs to create a BAYS Referee account at  Then, the referee needs to contact the NYS Referee Assignor to start the assignment process.  There are two seasons – Spring and Fall – starting in April and September. The season lasts 10 weeks and all regular season games are played on Saturday afternoons and on Sundays (High School, Spring only.)

The NYS Referee Assignor assign games to the referees usually a week prior to the games.  The referee has the responsibility to accept/reject games within 48 hours. The games will be re-assigned if they are not accepted within the specified time. Each referee must be familiar with the IFAB Laws of the Game and the BAYS League rules and regulations

Referee Appearance and Contact

The referee is the person responsible for enforcing the Laws of the Game during the course of a match.  The referee is also responsible to promote a professional appearance, wearing tucked-in complete referee uniform. Referee starter kits can be purchased from any referee store. 

Referees need to conduct themselves in a professional manner.  For more information on the Referee Code of Ethics, visit:

Training Videos

When you have free time from schoolwork, please review the following videos

1.       Center Referee Signals (~8 min)

2.       Assistant Referee Signals, (~10 min)

3.       Advise to New Referees:  (~26 min)

4.       Foul Recognition Rules -

USSF Certification

1. How to Become a USSF Certified Referee.  For a description of the process on how to becomes a USSF Certified Referee go to

2. Referee Grades Explained – NYS recommends for all youth referees aged 14 year or older take the Grade 8 Entry Level course. For a description of the different grades go to


Referee Pay Procedure

The BAYS referee pay rate is posted on the BAYS web site Referee Payment Information | Boston Area Youth Soccer (   BAYS pay on the 3rd, 6th and 10th week of the season.  Please refer to the Pay History dropdown under your My BAYS-->Referee->Pay History for your payments due.  NYS pays at the end of the season.  The Referee is responsible to keep track of the games and tally-up the final pay report. The pay rate table will be emailed at the beginning of the season.

All referees may be required to provide their social security number to both BAYS and NYS for tax purposes.  For BAYS payment issues you need to contact the BAYS person responsible for the payments. For NYS payments please contact the NYS Referee Assignor.

NYS Referee Committee

The Chair of the Newton Referee Committee is: Ioannis Kyratzoglou ([email protected])


Rules for all BAYS games can be found within the BAYS Rule Book.  
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