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Coaching Requirements : MA Safe Sport

All participating adults (persons age 18 and older - excluding Adult Athletes) must complete an Annual Mass Youth Soccer Adult Registration and possess an Adult Credential

Every adult member of all organizations affiliated with Massachusetts Youth Soccer must complete the following Registration Requirements.

Use the same legal first and last name and email address for all soccer related registrations.  This will ensure auto verification of your required trainings when applicable.

  1.  Complete an Annual Mass Youth Soccer Adult Registration online via Sports Connect (Association level).
  2.  Be CORI Approved.
  3.  National Background Check (NBGC) Approved (NBGC includes the State and National Sex Offender Registry Searches).
    1. An International Background Check may be processed on certain adult participants; if required, Mass Youth Soccer will notify the adult and the organization(s) they selected in U.S. Soccer Connect.
      • Completing the Mass Youth Soccer Adult Registration is inclusive of adding the information needed and submission of both the CORI and National background checks.
      • Adults will have one Risk Status and Risk Expire Date visible in their registration account; this is the combination of the review of all required background check reports.
  4.  Completed SafeSport Abuse Prevention training annually and be checked as verified/approved in Sports Connect.  Policy information and how to complete this training are found in the "SafeSport Abuse Prevention Training Help Guide".
  5.  Complete concussion training biannually and be checked as verified/approved in Sports Connect.  Policy information and how to complete this training are found in the concussion training help guides.
    • The U.S. Soccer Learning Center's Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments course is the preferred course; if same first and last name and email address is used it is auto-approved in Sports Connect. Or, we also accept the CDC Head's Up course; this requires a manual upload and approval.
  6. If you have not previously done so (CORI Verification is a one-time event unless you change your name), you are required to print your CORI Acknowledgement form and contact your local organizations Risk Manager, as they are required to CORI Verify you.  This is done by either sending a notarized CORI Acknowledgement form, via teleconferencing, or meeting with your organizations Risk Manager to verify the information on the form in person and against a government issued photo ID.  Then, the Risk Manager will mark you as CORI Verified in the registration system. This is a Commonwealth of Mass Law.


The links to complete your Mass Youth Soccer Adult Registration and to log back into your completed registration account are located at the bottom of this web page.

Mass Youth Soccer Adult Registration PROCESS

  1. Never registered with Mass Youth Soccer Assoc., you are required to do so to volunteer/coach for any Mass Youth Soccer Assoc. affiliated organization.  Please use the Sports Connect Adult Registration Portal link below and create a new account to complete your adult registration.
When registering:
  • You will be required to upload a head shot photo (passport quality) of just you.
  • Use your full legal first and last name (no shortened version) when completing your adult registration. This is especially important for processing both your CORI and National background check.
  • Double check when choosing your organization(s) - please select NYS.
  • Make note of your username and password; they are needed to access your account.
  1. Returning Users - Previously registered adults or adults with parent accounts will register for the current registration year via the Sports Connect Adult Registration Portal link below.   Do not create a new account; you are attaching to your registration history.
  • If you are having trouble completing your adult registration contact the U.S. Soccer Connect Support Team at: (855) 703-2558.

To complete your Adult Registration click the following link:  Sports Connect Adult Registration Portal.

Once you have completed your Adult Registration use the Sports Connect Login Portal to access your registration account to find training links and review your registration information. 

Please use the provided URL to review the Commonwealth of Mass CORI Policy Information:


Abuse Prevention

In 2018 a federal law was enacted to protect athletes from physical and sexual abuse.  The law requires that coaches and other adults who come in contact with amateur athletes to report abuse or suspicion of abuse.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer (MYSA) describes the reporting requirements  HERE.

NYS Director of Coaching Ed Jenkinson is the point person for reporting abuse or suspected abuse:  [email protected]
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